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An inclusive domestic abuse support
service in North Lanarkshire

Support for people from ethnic minority backgrounds

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At Aura we recognise that it might be difficult to access support for domestic abuse if you come from a different culture or religion. Sometimes, culture and religion can make your circumstances more complicated.

For example, your in-laws might be involved in threatening you, in hurting you physically or emotionally, or in controlling aspects of your life such as how to dress or who to choose as your friends. You may not be allowed to speak to your family and friends, to attend school, college or university, or you might have had your passport and other essential documents taken away. You might also feel like you cannot leave your home because your visa might depend on your marriage.

Our team of workers are happy to discuss your specific circumstances with you in a way that is sensitive to your culture and religion and to offer you appropriate options. We will never disclose anything about you to your family or your community and we will work to make sure that you and your children are safe.