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An inclusive domestic abuse support
service in North Lanarkshire

How we can support you

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We take domestic abuse seriously, regardless of the kind of abuse you are experiencing, or your specific gender and circumstances. You can speak to staff at Aura and you will be treated with respect, dignity, and care. We offer a non-judgmental and friendly response that puts you (and your children) at the centre.

Explore your Rights and Options

If you are experiencing abuse there are many options of support available to you. You may be worried that no-one will believe or help you. Maybe someone has told you this. This is not the case, and you are not alone. Aura offers a specialist, confidential service that can support you – whether you have left your partner or not.

We can help keep you safe and offer emotional and practical support by providing outreach one to one support at a time and location that is suitable, accessible and safe for you. Our support is tailored to your needs and will be regularly reviewed to assess your situation. This ensures that you continue to receive a high standard of support even if your circumstances change.

To seek support from an experienced worker there are several ways in which you can contact us however in the case of an emergency, always dial 999.

Call us

If you would like to chat with us anonymously, please feel free to call us on 01698 757667. We are happy to discuss your circumstances or any concerns you might have about a friend, relative or loved one who might be experiencing abuse.

Request a call back

Use our secure form to request a call back to arrange a safe and convenient time to chat with you. Your message will go straight to the Aura secure inbox, which is viewed by the Aura Service Manager and administrator. Entering your message does not leave any trace on your emails. This is for your safety, as many abusers also gain access to their partner’s messages.

Aura will get back to you within 3 working days, or at the safe time you enter on this form. If you give us a phone number to contact you on and we cannot get through, you will need to contact us again. We are not able to leave voicemails, for your safety.

Online Chat

We can provide emotional support and information on your rights and options over online chat. Our online chat hours are:

Monday 10am-12pm

Wednesday 1pm - 3pm

Thursday 6pm-8pm

The online chat will be staff by one of our highly trained workers and is completely anonymous. We do not need to take any personal details unless you wish to be referred on to our service for further support. All chat transcripts are deleted as soon as the chat ends. For more information on this please see our privacy information.

Before using the online chat, think about whether the device you are using can be seen by anyone else – especially the person you want to chat about. This might be because they are in the same room as you, or because you think they might be monitoring your movements.

Please remember to click the Exit Tab in the top right-hand corner if at any time you feel unsafe to view the page.

We anticipate that we will at times be busy, however will get to you as soon as we can so it's possible you may be placed in a queue.